Nintendo Switch Rumored to Get Stylus Pen, New North American Ads Drop In

Nintendo Switch Rumor

With just two weeks to go, Nintendo Switch is getting more popular than ever with advertisements on all corners and speculations that claim it may get a stylus pen to work with.

The Nintendo 3DS console is known for making great use of the dual screen setup. It does have a stylus that makes it easy to pinpoint and choose options on the tiny secondary display. The Switch however has a much larger screen and it shouldn’t be difficult to touch on what you need. But, by introducing a stylus pen the developers may be able to make games more immersive, add some gameplay elements and even release remastered version of 3DS titles on the new hybrid console.

Nintendo Switch

Speaking to TIME magazine, Shigeru Miyamoto was all praise about the new haptic feedback system they have created for the console. “The hardware is no longer the simple monotone vibration that people are used to. We have gone great lengths to actually make you feel the taps. You will be able to know when you have hit the surface. It’s very similar to how it feels when you tap a pen on the screen and feel its tip touch the surface. Such level of vibration will make games and storytelling compelling on the Nintendo Switch,” he said during the interview.

The statement made by Miyamoto could be completely a comparison and to let people know that the feedback feels so lively. But, it also paved way for rumors that the console might get a stylus pen or a similar accessory that will be used in games. It cannot be confirmed right now because the entire company is busy for the launch. They even added that the team is not going to focus on accessories, re-mastered games or other things but rather get the hardware out first.

A lot of things are planned for the future which we have come to know from different interviews, presentations and what Miyamoto said during the launch. He is also worried that virtual reality is not something parents would love which is why Nintendo focuses on storytelling and portable gaming rather than experimenting with an idea that might backfire.

Nintendo Switch Rumor

Meanwhile, new advertisements for Nintendo Switch for the North American region had been launched. The Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Just Dance 2017 and 1-2-Switch games were showcased in those ads. They are quite different when compared to the Japanese version. You can check them out below.

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