No Headphone Jack for the Galaxy S8 As Well – Samsung follows Apple’s and Motorola’s Lead – The Trend Continues

Galaxy S8 No Headphone Jack

There are rumors that the new Galaxy S8 to be released in February 2017 will also give up the headphone jack, following the example of Apple and Motorola smartphones.

If Samsung is following the usual trend of releasing its flagship device, the new S8 will probably be launched in the month of February 2017, at the MWC show.

Foregoing the Headphone Jack

Galaxy S8 No Headphone Jack

There were many critics and users who scoffed and bemoaned the fact that Apple had ditched its headphone jack feature for the iPhone 7. However, it seems likely that this new trend will be continued in case of other flagship phones as well. The new S8 from Samsung Galaxy to be released next year will be a flagship phone that also comes with no headphone jack, says SamMobile. Losing the headphone jack is not just a fad of 2016, it seems, as it is here to stay.

All Eyes on S8

After the debacle of the Note 7 from Samsung, all eyes seem to be focused on the company’s next flagship offering. Thus, a lot seems to be riding on the new S8. When the iPhone 7 as well as Motorola Moto Z were released minus the headphone jack, it ruffled a lot of feathers. Similarly, the S8 might also have to face the same scoffing. In addition, it will make the S8 more similar to the new iPhone and offer it one less way of standing out from the rival Apple device.

Bluetooth Headphone

While using a smartphone that does not have a headphone jack, the user has to resort to Bluetooth headphones for audio. Another alternative is to use headphones that are compatible with the new phone’s USB Type C ports.

Benefits of Type C Port

The Note 7 came with the new kind of USB c port and the advantage is that it helps phones charge much faster. In addition, the transfer of a data file is also faster using this type of port. Another benefit of getting rid of headphone jacks is that Samsung will be able to have more free space that can be used for making bigger batteries or making the phone thinner. It is quite possible that there was not enough space in the Note 7 for the battery, due to its design, and this could have led to the explosion.

Other Changes in S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 Changes

According to the source in SamMobile, there will also be other changes seen in the flagship device, the S8. The display will have a 2K resolution and not 4K, similar to the S7 device. The screen quality will be improved due to the new AMOLED screen material. The ration between the screen and the body will be higher and the physical home button will no longer be present.

Instead, there will be an optical scanner for fingerprint. According to SamMobile, the new display screen has the same resolution, but the PenTile kind of layout will no longer be there. This will result in improved sharpness, specifically in VR. However, Samsung has not made any comments on any of these features.

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