No Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on Planes, U.S. Regulators Declare

Note 7 Recall

Just days after Samsung called off the replacement and production of Galaxy Note 7 handsets, the flagship has been declared as not ready to make flights.

Apparently, a group of U.S. regulators has banned the use or rather bringing of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handsets on all flights within the country. It gets even worse if you have been holding onto your Note 7 as the ban goes beyond this to include flights that are also coming from outside the country or even leaving the country to other regions.

The Galaxy Note 7 has been termed as a “forbidden hazardous material” and is not allowed to get near any plane. The ban will be effective starting this Saturday noon Eastern Time. A few weeks ago there we speculations that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) could impose a ban on the Galaxy Note 7 after a replacement unit caught fire on a Southwest Airlines flight.

Initially, the story was that any Galaxy Note 7 owner aboard a plane makes sure that his or her phone is powered down and not use it at all. Well, this did not help as the incident on the Southwest Airlines flight involved a powered-down phone that was also not in use. With this in mind, the ban has now been extended so that no Note 7 is allowed to fly within, into or out of the U.S.

Galaxy Note 7 Fire

The ban was made public through the country’s Department of Transportation alongside the FAA and Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. Keep in mind that it affects all units of the Galaxy Note 7, including those that had been shipped as replacement units. The phone is not expected on your body, carry-on baggage, or even checked baggage, otherwise, the phone will be confiscated and a fine imposed.

Samsung says it’s also working hard to ensure that all persons using the Galaxy Note 7 are made aware of the dangers of the phone. The company has even introduced incentives for those who take back the Note 7, with credit of up to $100 on offer for those who replace the phone with another Galaxy phone. As for those seeking a full refund, there is $25 waiting for you.

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