Nokia to Make a Comeback with Two High-End Android Nougat Smartphones


Nokia was at some point the go-to brand name when it comes to mobile phones. However, with the introduction of smartphones and specifically Android and iOS, the brand started fading away.

In essence, the cell phones sold by Nokia made it to everywhere in the world as they were actually the only major way of connecting to the outside world. However, you all probably know that nothing lasts forever and at some point, the company had to be absorbed by Microsoft in a bid to save it. Still, this was not of much help as the popular brand’s dominance finally came to an end.

Of course, there volumes out there who’d still be very happy to get their hands on a brand new, high-end Nokia handset. If you are among them, there is some really good news for you coming from the folks down at NokiaPowerUser. If the source can be trusted, then it means we’ll soon have an all-new high-end Nokia smartphone and not just one, but two.

This will not be the first time such a rumor regarding new Nokia smartphones has popped up. It has happened before, but the latest report looks somehow legit and dependable. According to the sources, the two Nokia smartphones are already in the prototyping stage, which could mean the phones could be here towards the end of this year.


After trying some luck with Windows Phone and massively failed, it is believed that Nokia will now turn its attention to the new Android Nougat when it launches its two premium handsets. Apparently, the two will have different screen sizes of 5.2 inches and 5.5 inches. There are no further details available yet regarding these displays.

Just like many other Android OEMs, the two phones will not come with the stock Android OS. Instead, a new Nokia Z Launcher UI will run on top of Android Nougat. There are reports that a fingerprint scanner might be thrown in the mix, but it will probably feature on one handset.

Remember, these reports are sourced from unofficial sources, hence it is good to take them with a grain of salt. Still, we’ll follow up the matter and keep you updated, but if the source is indeed true, we’ll probably see the two Nokia phones in early 2017.

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