Note 7 Owners of South Korea Demand Compensation Filing Suit – Samsung’s Trouble on the Rise

Samsung comment about lawsuit

An increasing number of users who have bought the Samsung Note 7 are demanding a compensation for the inconvenience caused by the company.

Lawsuits Filed

This is the first case of lawsuits filed by users of the Note 7 in South Korea. About 527 buyers of the Note 7 are asking the company, Samsung Electronics, to pay an amount of 500,000 won or around $440, to each of the plaintiffs. The compensation is being asked for the loss of time and the problems caused to the buyers. The smartphones were initially recalled and later scrapped, as there were reports of the phone catching fire.

Note 7 Lawsuits Filed

Filing of Lawsuits

Ko Young yeel is an attorney of Harvest Law, based in Seoul, states that the plan is to file one lawsuit each month. The company has filed a class action lawsuit on Monday with the District Court in Seoul Central. Within a matter of five days, the firm was able to get more than five hundred of the Note 7 users to sign up for this lawsuit, as the consumers are very angry according to his statement.

Global Recalling of Note 7

As everyone knows by now, Samsung had made a global recall of the Note 7 in September, after reports of fire and damage came in. Samsung also sent some text messages to the owners of the Note 7 in Korea, and asked them to return their phones to a store close by and get new phones in exchange.

Suit Complaint Basis

According to Ko, the buyers of the phone had to go to the store and get the phone batteries checked. They had to then download programs allowing a battery capacity of 60%. Later, they had to go to the store once more for the recalling of the device. When describing this complaint, Ko stated that it takes a long time to reinstall apps and set up user logins all over again. After having done all this, suddenly Samsung said that there was an error with these phones, all over again.

Phones on Fire Complaints

The law firm said that they had received several complaints and three of them stated that their Note 7 had caught fire. Ko has stated that there will be separate lawsuits for these three plaintiffs.

Suit in the US

The lawsuit in Korea appears one week after a similar class action lawsuit was filed against Samsung in the US. The owners of the Note 7 in the US are asking for damages. They are also asking Samsung to repair and recall or replace their phones and extend the warranties that are applicable to the phones.

Samsung comment about lawsuit


Samsung did not make any immediate comment about the lawsuit, but it has since announced that all the Note 7 buyers in Korea would be offered discounts while exchanging their phones for an S7 or an S7 Edge. The discounts would be given for the next Note 8 or the S8 that will be released in 2017. The production of the Note 7 has been ended permanently and the company has cut is profits by $2.3 billion as of October 12th for the third quarter.

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