Novel iPhone 7 Case Gives Users back the Headphone Jack – Genius Case Allows Users the Freedom of Choice

iPhone 7 Headphone Jack Users Reaction

Apple has finished off with the headphone jack on its iPhone 7, but there is a new sleek case that is available, bringing the feature back.

Personal Options

According to Diego Prince, it is each user’s choice and one that he decides regarding what he or she wants to put in their ear holes. This choice cannot be made by others, he says, while announcing the new cases that are to be made specifically for the new iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus. The cases will probably be shipped by December and early birds can reserve a case for the price of $49 along with shipping charges.

iPhone 7 Headphone Jack

What it Does

The site states that the Fuze uses the adapter dongles of the device and builds it up directly in the new sleek case, thereby restoring a headphone jack of 3.5 mm. The case also comes with an extension battery pack, offering protection to the phone in case it is accidentally dropped.

Positive Reactions

The novel ide of this sleek cover is bringing in plenty of positive feedback from users. Product Hunt is one such site that is often used by techies who are on the search for the latest software or gadgets. The site has seen some positive reactions by techies regarding the new sleek cover for the new iPhones.

Fuze is attempting to raise at least a sum of $60,000 within the next few weeks, as it can be used for prototyping and for testing the product and shipping it. The idea is to send it out to users by Christmas. However, the effort is a crowd funded one and there are many risks involved in it. It is quite possible that Fuze might delay the shipping and may even not ship the product at all.

Hope to Frustrated Users

However, it still offers hope to some very frustrated Apple iPhone users and they might support the new concept. Apple had made a bold decision by removing the headphone jack in its new iPhone 7, but this does not mean that third parties producing accessories will be stopped from coming up with ingenious ways of bringing the port to the phones. The Fuze case is being brought in by the Indiegogo campaign and it offers fresh promise to users who want the headphone jack on their iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Headphone Jack Users Reaction

What the Fuze case is actually doing here is taking the Lightning 3.5 mm adapter that has been included by Apple and building it directly with the sleek case. There are no dongles or adapters, so there are no problems created.

Mixed Reactions

Some might be happy to see that they can charge their iPhone 7 more easily now and at the same time listen to music on the phone. However, other users might want to move away from the old headphone jack feature. In addition, another downside to the case is that  the water resistance abilities of the phone will become moot if users use this case. The user can no longer use the iPhone 7 is harsh conditions.

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