Now There Is a Unified Inbox for Facebook Pages, Messenger, and Instagram

Facebook, Messenger and Instagram Unified Inbox

Businesses nowadays spend a lot of time than ever before in managing their online presences, thanks to a good form of all the well-liked communication channels.

Today, many businesses use Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger together so that they can interact better and easily with their customers. It can be really difficult for the businesses to keep up with the headlong volume of requests and communications in their digital mediums. In fact, Facebook Pages alone receives almost a combined five billion comments, messages and posts by visitors every month.

Facebook, Messenger and Instagram Unified Inbox

Facebook had reportedly mentioned in a blog post on its Facebook Business page that it will now make it possible for all the businesses to link their Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram accounts in an attempt to make it easier for them to manage their communications across all the three channels at a single place. The updated inbox will make it very easy to communicate with the customers in any location at any point of time. The new and improved inbox gives a quick snapshot of all the media channels in an organized way which is cut to the bone. It cuts down the time spent on administrative tasks to a huge extent apart from providing a much detailed and a personalized service.

A Single Inbox for the Three Channels

If you are managing communications for your business actively across the Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram channels, then you can now save time by using the updated inbox which allows you to respond to all queries from within a single app. You will also be able to quickly scan through all the three channels for the latest updates, which will obviously make you feel confident that you are not missing out any important message. Apart from keeping a check from a single place, you can also reply to the Facebook comments, reviews, messages, visitor posts, and Instagram comments right there from the updated inbox at just a tap on the content to which you wish to reply. The updated inbox is here to help in making your individual workflow a bit more efficient, irrespective of how you work.

The early testers have said that the updated inbox has allowed them in streamlining their workflow which in turn has saved their time by around 12%.

Providing a Personalized Service

Facebook has come up with another way to help the businesses in serving their customers by providing an easy way to view the basic information of the people who are interacting with their business. The businesses will just have to tap on the person’s name and then they can see their profile that is available to the public, along with their previous interactions with their business. The brands can then use this knowledge in personalizing their communications with the customers. This feature is available currently for all the Facebook interactions in the updated inbox.

Unified Inbox

To Start With the Updated Inbox

The updated inbox is expected to roll out in the upcoming weeks on a global platform to all the users of the Pages Manager mobile app. It should arrive soon on all the devices. All you have to do is start by connecting your Facebook and Instagram accounts. You will just have to click on the messaging icon that is available at the bottom of your Page while using the Pages Manager App, from where you can then navigate to the Instagram tab wherein you will be prompted to sign in.

In case your accounts are already connected through the Instagram adverts, the update will be received automatically i.e. the Instagram comments will start appearing in your Page inbox. It is worth noting that all the Messenger interactions will already be integrated into your Page inbox.

Over time, Facebook is expected to add additional engagement types so that it can improve the speed and ease with which the businesses can see and also respond to customer messages.

Different Resources to Manage the Interactions

For cases where the businesses receive a high volume of communications on a daily basis, or if there are entire teams that are dedicated to online customer service, the social networking giant recommends integrating with the Facebook Marketing Partners or building on the Messenger platform in order to manage all the interactions.

By using the Messenger platform, a rich and automated experience can be built which allows easy communication with large numbers of customers. However, with the Facebook Marketing Partners, the flow of incoming communications can be handled well by chatting live with the customers at scale.

Facebook and Instagram Updated Inbox

Conversations for Good Business

Facebook has maintained that it is committed to equipping the businesses with all the tools which help them to have friendly and smooth conversations with the customers. And the company is also working to help the businesses save time by making all these conversational processes more simple and easy. The updated inbox is the proof that the company is working on coming closer to that goal.

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