It’s Official ! 2017 Steam Summer Sale Begins June 22

2017 Steam Summer Sale

The big sale is back! While Steam sales are very common throughout the year and you can always find some discounts on one title or  the other, the Steam Summer Sale 2017 is one among the two big sales that take place every year.

The Valve hosted PC digital game distribution platform is a haven for gamers who love gaming and would love to play them all without burning a hole in their pockets. They would actually burn a hole because these sales are so good that you end up buying over a dozen games for the price of one and maybe even more, enticed by how cheap they could get. The concept is very new and console gamers are yet to come across the amazing gaming deals PC gamers have been enjoying for few years now.

Steam Summer Sale

Valve Confirms the Date

As it has always been, the first leak for the Steam summer sale 2017 came from none other than Paypal. The website has been notorious in leaking the dates much before Valve could make an official statement. They are always right which makes it easier to believe the rumor as soon as it emerges. Later, when the media got in touch with representatives from the company, they confirmed that they are indeed ready to begin the sale on June 22nd as rumored.

According to the post made by Paypal, the sale will commence on 6 PM BST, 1 PM ET on June 22nd. Paypal UK tweeted the time and date. It is not much of a surprise and more like a warning for gamers to safeguard their wallets because once the games start rolling, it will be really difficult to stop yourself from grabbing yet another enticing title from the list.

2017 Steam Summer Sale

How to Get the Best Deals

There are so many websites that make it easy for you to keep track of the best deals and purchase them when they go live. Last year, Steam removed flash sale and other limited time sales. Anything that is discounted will be at the same price throughout the period giving you enough time to get it without having to stay awake at odd hours in the night.

Websites like Cheapshark, Reddit PC Gaming Deals are great places where individuals keep track of the best deals of the time. Make the most out of your 2017 Steam Summer Sale experience and you are sure to grab a couple of games once the window opens up.

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