Official: OnePlus 3T Gets a New Midnight Black Edition, Similar to Colette Edition – Availability and Pricing Details

OnePlus 3T Midnight Black

OnePlus 3T recently launched the all-black Colette Edition, however, this model was extremely limited, with the partnership giving birth to a mere 250 units.

Apparently, OnePlus says that the launch of the all-black edition of the 2016 flagship led to so many user requests that the company release a similar color variant for the standard OnePlus 3T. However, little did they know that the Chinese OEM had been working on this color variant for a year now.

After tests that have seen over 30 color variations being dropped, OnePlus says that it finally landed on the Midnight Black color variant. So far, the reception has been great, but for those who couldn’t make to Paris, the tech giant says that the new OnePlus 3T Midnight Black will be available via HYPEBEAST’s HBX starting March 24, which is actually this Friday.

Apparently, the unreleased OnePlus 3T Midnight Black will be available as a limited edition. However, OnePlus has not gone into the specifics of numbers like it happened with the Colette Edition. If you feel like Friday is too soon for you, the company says that it will at some point make the same all-black color variant available via its official online store. As for the date, the company will notify the world when it’s ready.

OnePlus 3T Midnight Black

Other than the change in color, the OnePlus 3T Midnight Black edition keeps the same design, specs, and features of the original model. You will also come across the same premium material that built the 2016 model, with the all-black color coming in as a dark coat of 14 microns thick, but the phone keeps the same look and feel as before.

The Midnight Black version will be exclusive to 128GB storage, just like the Colette Edition, and the price will also remain unchanged at $479.


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