Old Doom Resurrected With Doom 4 Textures, Sound and Enemies

Doom 4 Textures

The modding community is always active and energetic. They never cease to surprise the crowd. The Doom community is one such group which has tried something completely new.

Instead of trying to bring the old Doom into the new Doom 4 title, they have gone the other way round. Most modders would love to recreate elements from the retro game into the next gen game created by id. However, this team decided to bring the textures, sound, enemies and every other component into Doom I and Doom II.

Titled the Doom 4 for Doom project, a team of three including DBThanatos, Major Cooke along with Michaelis. All the weapons found in the new game has been modified to run in the older version of the title by a modder named Neccronixis. It is still in its early stages. However, the team is confident that they can make it possible and make it into a real game which could possibly get released on Steam.

Doom 4

Copyright issues will be prevalent if it becomes official. That didn’t stop the team from proceeding with the idea. A similar project named the Doom 4 Emulation is also under works. The project makers have released a video which shows the game in action. Things look promising and some commenters opine that the weapons are much better when they are being used in the original game.

It could probably be a nostalgic feel that one can’t get over, especially those 90s gamers who hail Doom as the only first person shooter. Obviously, it was the only one available in those times unlike these days where we have a Call of Duty getting released every year and some from the Battlefield franchise.

The Doom 4 Emulation project is similar which tries to rip the music, sounds, sprites and textures from the new game to convert it into old school design. Some other gory mods are also under development which may find its audience among those who will settle for nothing less than brutality. Doom 4 is definitely not a groundbreaking launch as it has its fair share of pros and cons. However, the title did manage to change the world of shooters one more time.

We may not witness it immediately but it won’t be long before first person shooters drastically change from the way they are now. It has also contributed to improving visuals and graphical fidelity for next generation titles.

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