OnePlus 3 Forums: Why I Hate Android Nougat and I am Moving Back to Android Marshmallow

OnePlus 3

The stable version of Android Nougat started rolling out to OnePlus 3 and 3T just before the year 2016 came to an end, just like the company had promised.

The Chinese OEM did make sure that the OS had gone through more than enough beta tests before being released to the masses as an OTA update. During the OnePlus Android Nougat beta program, the company only made the OxygenOS Open Beta versions available for the OnePlus 3 model alone. The phone went on to receive up to 10 Open Beta versions of the OS, but it is just last week that the newer OnePlus 3T received the first beta, hours before it started seeing the stable version of the OS.

As at the time of this writing, not so many OnePlus 3 users have already updated their devices to the new Android Nougat OS, but it seems the few who have already got there are having some issues with the new OS.

The new OnePlus 3 Android Nougat update has already attracted a thread on the official OnePlus forums, with some already arguing that they’ll be moving back to Android Marshmallow until a much better version of Nougat is rolled out to OnePlus 3. According to one angry user, the updated OnePlus 3 has no bass feature in the Audio Music settings and many other bugs. However, there are also others who report no issues with the OS and in fact, they are full of praise for the Nougat treat the phone has received.

OnePlus 3T Launch

It is not strange for new software to come with minor bugs and issues, but given that OnePlus 3 had received up to 10 beta versions, no such issues were expected. Nonetheless, the fact that some people are giving some positive feedback about the OS means that there could be some improvements and stability after some time, probably more than the 24 hours the pissed off OnePlus 3 owner used to test the new Android Nougat on the phone.

We’ll be keeping a closer eye on the thread and see whether these issues persist, but hopefully, they don’t.

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