OnePlus 3 Goes Official; How Does it Compare with OnePlus 2?

oneplus 3 leaked image

After several months of leaks and rumors, the OnePlus 3 has finally become the new king in the OnePlus line-up. It replaces the OnePlus 2 which has had a hugely successful run. Replacing the successful product was always going to be difficult. One of the main areas where OnePlus 3 has concentrated is in the design department. Even though the OnePlus 2 had all the specifications capable of challenging the big guns, it was slightly let down in terms of styling and the quality of materials. OnePlus 3 addresses these issues by coming with a full metal body design, which looks premium.

The predecessor had a 5.5-inch screen which was extremely good in terms of size, but was starting to show its age in the face of competition that had QHD resolution. The OnePlus 2 was suffering from just 1080p resolution on board. Even though it was difficult to find any major differences with the naked eye, it was just a big selling point on the paper at least. OnePlus 3, though, has rejected any temptations to go for the QHD resolution since it continues with the same 1080p screen as before. The crucial change comes in terms of the display technology, which is an optical AMOLED in the case of the OnePlus 3 while the OnePlus 2 came with IPS panels.

OnePlus 2

AMOLED is increasingly being seen as a superior technology to IPS panels. It remains to be seen if this switch alone will help the OnePlus 3. The new version also has the slightly improved latest generation of gorilla glass. It also ships with android 6.0.1 as default while the OnePlus 2 only recently received an update.

In terms of processing power, there is little difference since the OnePlus 2 offered a snapdragon 810 processor with the OnePlus 3 now providing the latest 820 range. A big difference is the fact that the OnePlus 2 used an octa core processor whereas the OnePlus 3 is now coming with a hexa-core processor, but the increasing efficiency and clock speed means that the new phone will be slightly faster. While the OnePlus 2 was available with 16 and 64 GB internal storage, the OnePlus 3 will be available only with 64 GB. This also brings with it 6 GB of RAM – an improvement over the 4 GB phone on the OnePlus 2’s top end model. Prices of the OnePlus 3 are around $420 while the OnePlus 2 will cost around $350.

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