OnePlus 5 Gets Face ID Unlock Just like OnePlus 5T, It’s in Beta

OnePlus 5 Gets Face ID Unlock Just like OnePlus 5T

OnePlus has been a trustworthy company when it comes to delivering their customers more value for their investment.

As part of their plan, the manufacturer is now going to introduce an important feature to an old phone.

Compared to the OnePlus 5T which is the latest flagship model from the company, the OnePlus 5 is kind of an old smartphone in terms of specifications, performance and the capability to run cutting edge stuff. One such new, nifty feature is the face ID unlock which the development team has already implemented in the latest device.

OnePlus 5 Gets Face ID Unlock

They have somehow managed to bring the same Face unlock feature to the OnePlus 5 smartphone which is a feat in itself. The feature however is still in beta and will be thoroughly verified before it is released to all users. The hardware found in the device may cause some technical issues and originally it was never designed to be unlocked with the help of facial features.

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Right from the unlock screen to the home screen and all apps should be able to recognize it so that they quickly open up, ready to use while being zippy at all times.Another technical hurdle is that the phone doesn’t run on stock Android operating system. It is powered by the Oxygen OS in which the face ID unlock feature has been implemented and is being tested in the beta channel.

OnePlus 5 Gets Face ID Unlock Just like OnePlus 5T, It’s in Beta

After in-depth testing, the feature will be rolled out to all devices and users around the globe will be able to make use of the same. The security and privacy concerns over Face ID unlock continues as the particular capability is based on a lot of different aspects including iris scanning, depth sensors and the type of accessories that one may use on their face like sunglasses, mask or even having a beard or clean shaved makes a difference.

Most security experts are already trying their best to explore and check the iPhone X thoroughly so as to find security flaws. If the Face ID would work randomly, it may lead to more issues than protecting the privacy of the user. Fingerprint sensor is however unique that it is next to impossible to break through it. However, Face ID can be unlocked even when a person is sleeping but such a bug has already been fixed according to Apple. OnePlus 5 is expected to perfectly address all concerns before it makes Face ID as the security option.

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