OnePlus says Black Friday discounts are mere price and mind games, no discounts on OnePlus 5T and future phones

OnePlus 5T

Even though the main Black Friday 2017 day might be over, there are still many retailers out there still offering, well, Black Friday discounts on a myriad of products, including the most premium phones on the market.

Whether you were after a discounted Apple iPhone X, a Samsung Galaxy S8 or even a Google Pixel 2, it was easy bumping into one. However, the story wasn’t the same when it comes to OnePlus 5T, the latest flagship killer from Chinese OEM OnePlus. To be fair, the company cut the price of the 5T by just a cent and the company has a reason for that.

Since its debut into the smartphone industry a few years ago, OnePlus has always maintained a different style of selling its phones. There’s no middleman, which means the company can easily sell its phones at prices that are significantly low when compared to the rest of the party. This, not surprisingly, has worked in favor of the OEM and today, it enjoys one of the fastest growth rates in its user base.

When Black Friday comes, companies throw in discounts to their phones, pushing them down to nearly the same levels as what you pay for the OnePlus 5T. In theory, the whole Black Friday craze won’t make sense for OnePlus as it would essentially be eating into their profit margin. If anything, it’s why OnePlus says that Black Friday is all about price games.

Here’s the statement the company published about Black Friday:

“Our goal is to share good technology with the world. That’s why we price our devices fairly year-round, so that you don’t have to double check the math. Say no to Black Friday price games.

Mind games are tiring for everyone. (A great line for your Tinder profile.) We prefer to keep the focus on making good products to share with the world. In order to do so, we have to make some money in the process. At the same time, our users would like to save some money.

This is where fair pricing comes in. Cut through the BS. Keep things simple. We make money to fund our product and feed the team. You save money and get the best user experience, whether it’s Black Friday or Taco Tuesday.

So pick-up your OnePlus 5T today at basically the same price – just $0.01 off. We’ll throw in our Dash Power Bundle at 50% off for 24 hours. We can do that much. You won’t get a huge price slash or rebate on this device today if you order today. You’ll just get the best device we’ve ever created and the immense satisfaction that you’re supporting a smartphone that is changing the way our industry works.”

Do you agree with OnePlus that Black Friday is about price games? Let’s hear from you in your comments below.


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