OnePlus says ‘T’ models, including OnePlus 5T, should be treated as Pro or Plus variants

OnePlus 5T vs OnePlus 5

OnePlus launched the OnePlus 5T a few days ago and not surprisingly, the phone has smashed the company’s records in terms of sales.

Packed in a magnificent body, the OnePlus 5T ships with the most powerful specs of any Android phone, but what makes it stand out is the price tag of just $499. Look and around you and there won’t be any alternative to the 5T in this price range and even though this figure represents a small jump from the $479 price tag of the original OnePlus 5, those in India will still be paying the same price they paid for the latter.

Yes, you read that right! The OnePlus 5T price in India will be the same as the original OnePlus 5 and when asked about this decision not to change the price in the company’s most successful market, OnePlus India’s GM Vikas Aggarwal pointed out an interesting thing. Apparently, the company doesn’t want you to see the T models as new phones, rather, they are just variants of the previous models.

Last year’s OnePlus 3T was the first in what is becoming the T series. From the look of things, you can say the 3T was simply a “Pro” or “Plus” variant of original OnePlus 3 – and so is the OnePlus 5T with respect to the OG 5, at least according to OnePlus.

When you look at what Apple does with its standard and plus variants of the iPhone, you’ll agree with what OnePlus is saying. Google is also doing the same and so does Samsung. However, the only difference is that OnePlus is releasing its devices at intervals of five or so months while others do it at once.

Aggarwal made this statement during an interview with The Indian Express, where he also shed some light on the life expectancy of the OnePlus 5. Apparently, the phone will soon be phased out in the market, just like it happened with OnePlus 3T following the release of the 5. Now that there’s a new OnePlus 5T, there won’t be any production of the OG 5. This means that once the current stock is cleared, there won’t be any OnePlus 5 handsets on the market.

OnePlus 5T is already available for purchase in various markets, including India. However, the main sale will kick off on November 28th, which is next week Tuesday.


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