OnePlus X Android Marshmallow Update is Finally Here

OnePlus X

Many of you are probably familiar with OnePlus 3, the flagship killer that came out this year to take on the likes of Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC 10, LG G5, Xperia X Performance, Galaxy Note 7 and even the upcoming iPhone 7 Plus and Google Nexus 2016.

OnePlus broke into the smartphone world a few years ago, coming in with spec-packed OnePlus One that was priced at an amazing price, especially when compared to the then flagships, which include the Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4, iPhone 6 Plus and so on. The following year saw the release of a second flagship killer known as OnePlus 2. With the brand slowly growing its stature, OnePlus followed up the flagship with a mid-range OnePlus X.

Back then, the device came preinstalled with Android Lollipop out of the box. While OnePlus has managed to keep away any hints that the OnePlus X handset will be receiving a new software update, the details of the phone’s Android Marshmallow update have finally surfaced. The first build of its famous OxygenOS that is based on the latest version of Marshmallow has been released. However, don’t expect to see an OTA notification come your way since this is a community build. This also means that you must manually flash the build on the OnePlus X phone, something that could bring about performance and stability issues.

OnePlus X

So, if you have nothing to worry about flashing your OnePlus X with the new Android Marshmallow build, you can get it from the official OnePlus forum, which also includes the full release notes. Other than the usual Marshmallow perks, the updated OnePlus X will also receive new icon packs, a new wallpaper picker as well as new apps, among other updates.

Keep in mind that OnePlus wants users to provide them with feedback and it also says that this OnePlus X Marshmallow build is limited. In short, the link could be missing after a while – when the company feels that it has gathered enough feedback on the same.

For some advice, better keep off this OnePlus X Marshmallow build, at least for now. This is because the full and stable version should be out sooner or later since the company has already shown the desire to have the device updated to the latest version possible.

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