Overwatch Gets First PvE Brawl in Halloween Terror Event

Halloween Terror Event

Blizzard, developers of Overwatch has announced their first ever Halloween Terror event to commemorate the holidays.

It also introduces the concept of PvE brawl for the first time in the game.

overwatch halloween terror

The event will run for a long time, three weeks to be exact until the end of October. It will be a seasonal event where players have the chance to find loot boxes. They are filled with 100 different cosmetic items and players have a random chance to get one. Items found inside the chest includes skins, victory poses, icons, sprays and much more. By participating in the event, you can get a chance to get them.

The Overwatch PvE brawl named as Junkenstein’s Revenge and the story behind this evil character is revealed in a brand new comic. In this player versus enemy brawl, you have the option to choose between four different heroes including Soldier 76, Gunslinger – McCree, Hanzo as the archer and Ana as the Alchemist.

All four of them has to work together so as to fight against waves of enemies. The waves will differ from time to time, ranging from a witch, reaper, zomnics to Junkenstein’s monster and the doctor himself.

Explaining the new seasonal matches, Blizzard in their blog post wrote, “Players have to work as a team and form new strategies so that they could beat the waves. Enemies are extremely tactile and will try to overpower you from all directions. The zomnic attacks never stop and the big monster is out there to take your team down.”

Event exclusive skins are popular during festive times. There were some issues in Summer when Overwatch developers Blizzard hosted a similar event. The team confirmed that the legendary Halloween skins, victory poses, sprays and intros can be purchased using in-game credits. Player icons will however be not available for purchase.

Halloween Terror Event

Apart from these announcements, the development team at Blizzard has been continuously teasing players of a new character. Sombra is about to make her grand entry in the world of Overwatch and when she does, the roster will grow further offering players more choices to pick from. The game has been going steady in the MOBA genre and has already managed to beat its immediate competitors.

In their statement, Blizzard proudly announced that they have over 20 million players on board and the count is expected to go higher with new heroes, maps among other content.

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