Overwatch Gets New Oasis Map with Killing Cars and Jump Pads

Overwatch New Oasis Map

The immense success of Overwatch is because of the excellent game that Blizzard made and those amazing design cues borrowed from some of the classic titles like Unreal and Quake.

The newest map available for the game, Oasis introduces some new elements that should make older gamers go nositalgc while newcomers would simply love the intensity it adds. Games have become too easy is a common complaint among longtimers but Overwatch is getting better with every new update. Combining fast paced first person shooting with MOBA styled powers is complex in itself. The new map has something interesting to add to it, killing cars!


Hover cars are found in a particular part of the Oasis map and they are always being driven at top speed. Traffic is immense in this open area where if you accidentally fall into traffic or push someone else into it, it dictates instant death. There are also jump pads to make use of. The concept is simply super fun! The only drawback is that not everyone will be able to enjoy it. The update is live on PTR only for PC gamers. It might take some weeks for Blizzard to roll it out to the main game and we really hope it doesn’t take months to add it to PS4, Xbox One consoles.

A huge description is live on the official Blizzard website that describes Oasis as the most advanced cities in the modern world and the one that embraces scientific progress. The city is being monitored by a Ministry that comprises of some of the brilliant minds and their innovation continues to attract powerful leaders from around the globe. It always evolves because researchers and academics formed Oasis to cater to their thirsty minds.

If you are a PC gamer, you can play Overwatch’s new map by downloading the PTR version of the game. It is available through the Blizzard launcher. The version is available for free and the developers use it to fix bugs before rolling it out to the main game. It also includes the reworked version of Symmetra who now has two different ultimate powers to use, that can change the tide of a losing battle.

Overwatch New Oasis Map

Earlier, Blizzard mentioned that Oasis won’t be on Overwatch PTR until December but it is released early. The map was first showcased during Blizzcon. Based on the early release, we expect it to be available on PC at least in a month and probably on consoles in 2017.

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