Overwatch Graphic Novel Cancelled, Gets Huge 40% Discount on PS4, Xbox One, PC

Overwatch Graphic Novel Cancelled

Overwatch has an interestingly large world to explore with some captivating characters.

Blizzard already made some Pixar like animated movies to showcase their rich history but the graphic novel that was supposed to be released got cancelled.

Overwatch Graphic Novel Cancelled

Announcing the news in their blog, Blizzard lead writer Michael Chu said that the team is excited to reveal a lot of things and the story that took place before the Overwatch universe was born. However, with so many changes that took place in recent times and their decision to take the story in a completely different direction, the team has decided to skip the graphic novel for the time being.

Talking about the decision, he said, “The original idea began much earlier when the game’s development began. We had a strong desire to tell the story of Overwatch and its characters during the Omnic crisis. There is something to share about every hero including Ana Amari, Jack Morrison, TorbjornLindholm and everyone else in the roster. But, it’s a story that we plan to tell some other day.”

He thanked people who supported them with the idea and to bring in a great deal of enthusiasm that helped them move forward. The stories are going to expand and the team has plenty planned for the coming months which will be revealed in due time.

Meanwhile, the Overwatch free weekend is going at a brisk pace amidst some server issues due to massive overload. A lot of players decided to see how the game is and how good it runs on their PCs. PS4 and Xbox One gamers also had the opportunity to enjoy the game during this weekend. There is a huge discount of about 40% on the game on all platforms and the sale period will last till November 28.


So far, Overwatch has garnered the attention of millions of gamers and this particular free weekend is expected to boost its fan base further. The server issues should be solved in a couple of hours so that it doesn’t crash and gives a seamless player experience. The hero list also includes Sombra, the newly launched character who has an ability to get invisible and launch surprise attacks.

If you are looking forward to see what the hype is all about, this should be a great time to get online and enjoy killing some enemies whereas honing your shooting skills. It’s available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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