Overwatch Patch Update Fixes Competitive Mode Issues

Overwatch Competitive Mode Issues

Overwatch gamers received competitive mode update a week ago. Within such a short span, the developers received numerous complaints and a record number of irked gamers.

Compared to the casual modes, the competitive mode is truly different because is a punishment for every wrong action and it is also mentally demanding. Games like Dota 2, League of Legends and Counter Strike have always been severe when it comes to competitive game modes. In MOBAs, it usually affects your rank and skill rating every round you lose. Players who disconnect from a match before it ends will be penalized.

In Overwatch, the problems were not only restricted to the sudden changes but also to the glitches that annoyed players to the core. The developers at Blizzard have finally managed to roll out a patch update for those on the PC platform to fix the known issues. Sudden death was one of the most reported problems in recent times. Earlier, all maps had the same time for it to happen.


With the new patch, the time for sudden death varies based on the map you are playing. The original timer was fixed at one minute and forty-five seconds which is now totally different in each map. A long patch note has been launched by Blizzard that details the duration for each map. The only map that didn’t undergo the change is Hollywood which uses the same duration as it used to be. In Numbani, it is at a minute and fifty seconds the highest of them all while in Temple of Anubis, Dorado and King’s Row, the timer is at one minute thirty seconds, lowest of the duration.

Hero changes happen with almost every patch. This time, Winston has received an update which allows his ultimate melee attack to hit targets with more consistency. Zarya who had issues with damage boost modifier no longer faces the problem. More changes have been implemented for Mercy’s Caduceus staff and the Shadow Step ability of the Reaper. Competitive play modes displayed information incorrectly at times which has been fixed by the developers.

The patch will also be rolled out to Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles in due time. Blizzard requires approval from Microsoft and Sony to do so which usually delays patch roll outs on the consoles whereas PCs receive them first. Newer heroes, maps and more changes to the competitive mode are expected to be introduced in the near future.

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