Overwatch Players Exploiting Bug In Lucio Ball Will Be Penalized 

Overwatch Players Exploiting Bug

Blizzard has issued a friendly warning to players who continue to exploit the bug in Lucio Ball.

The timed Rocket League inspired soccer game is supposed to be played only by Lucio and not any other hero.

A random bug popped in a couple of days ago. One player managed to enjoy the Lucio Ball with D.Va among other heroes. He posted a video of the same online and soon everyone else jumped on to the bandwagon. They started finding ways to make use of the bug and enjoy the soccer game with a favorite hero of their choice. Blizzard is not so happy with what is happening with Lucio Ball. They have already rolled out an update to fix the bug but it doesn’t seem to end.

Overwatch customer support has been issued strict instructions to take actions against those who continue to play Lucio Ball with other heroes. While it is not going to be something serious like getting banned or something similar, you might be denied access to online servers or specific features for a period of time. In order to avoid getting penalized, it is time to stop playing the soccer game with any other hero.


“We would like to apologize for this bug that has caused some issues with the three versus three ball game. We have already attempted to fix it multiple ways but there are some coding issues that continue to prevent us from achieving our goal. Our team is working on it all the time and it should probably be ready before the end of the week,” read an official statement from Blizzard.

Please do not exploit this bug and this is a fair warning, said the team. It is time to take them serious especially if you are a huge fan of Overwatch and don’t wish to find yourself blocked from the multiplayer server for days, or weeks in a worst case scenario. After all, the soccer game is hardly part of the main title and it doesn’t make sense to risk so much to play Lucio Ball as someone other than Lucio.

The Overwatch official esports tournament is all set to commence on 6th September. With weeks to go, Blizzard is busy picking the best teams to participate. Players can get special items based on the competitive points they have earned through the week. The competitive season ends on 17th August after which rewards will be distributed based on the skill rating you have earned through the period.

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