Overwatch Thumbstick Acceleration Control Issue Fixed with New Update

Overwatch Thumbstick Control Issue Fixed

Players who have spent hours trying to increase their skills and smash down their opponents would have suffered thumbstick acceleration control issue in Overwatch.

For PC gamers, the issue might sound unrelated because they use a highly precise mouse and keyboard to navigate their character. The same is not applicable for those on the Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles. When a player uses the thumb stick to control their cross hair and shoot an opponent, it just either goes out of the screen or takes too long to reach your opponent. By that time, the enemy would have disappeared from the screen.


A simple but efficient mode has been introduced by Blizzard developers. Overwatch with the new patch has a dual zone mode. The developers have explained in detail how it works and players now have a choice to choose between two different modes.

According to the developer team, “The previous mode available in Overwatch reduces sensitivity of the thumb stick and increases its acceleration. This has been the universal rule in most games that largely affects precision. With the new dual zone mode, when the thumb stick goes 10 percent out of its range, it automatically lowers acceleration and will have high sensitivity.”

With the new dual zone mode, players will be able to quickly turn and react to threats in Overwatch. At the same time, they will have better control over their cursor making it easier to aim and take down an opponent. The previous Exponential Ramp mode will have a high acceleration level by default and it will automatically increase sensitivity as soon as the controller goes out of its range.

It gave a really tough time for players, making it impossible to aim and shoot. The situation should have been even more demanding for snipers who needs utmost precision before firing their weapon. The new patch not only brings a new controller mode but also has plenty of other changes including new voice overs, increased volume, bug fixes and some minor changes being made to specific heroes.

Overwatch Thumbstick Control Issue Fixed

The PC version of Overwatch will be the first one to receive the patch. It is currently in its public test region. Once the patch is out, it will soon be rolled out to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One console. You don’t have to actually wait to see how the thumb stick mode works. Just connect a controller to your PC and join the PTR before it is rolled out to the respective consoles.

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