Playing Counter-Strike on a Nintendo DS: How To Go About It

Counter - strike

Many believe that a Nintendo DS is not the right device to play first-person shooter games on.

However, if these people have a look at different aspects of this gaming console closely, they might change their minds. For instance, the fact that this system supports numerous ports of Call of Duty gives you an idea about its reliability and efficiency.

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While the classic handheld version of this gaming console was taken off the market several years ago, the company has been making plans to re-launch it in a new avatar. Meanwhile, you can enjoy playing Counter-Strike on the Nintendo DS. A well-designed alpha version, developed by a reputed developer who has worked on GameBoy, Nintendo DS, Wii, PSVita and other games, is available for players to download.

In the video, the link of which is provided below, you can have a preview of the game being played on the Nintendo DS. It also offers insights into some of the interesting things you can do in the game.

The Counter-Strike port uses the limited number of control options provided on the Nintendo DS rather well. You don’t miss having a mouse around, thanks to the highly responsive touchscreen that makes the process of playing the game highly smooth and comfortable. The version that is used here appears to be a downgraded variant of Counter-Strike Source, which happens to be one of the most-played versions of the game.

Fewnity, the developer of the game, has shared links that enable you to download the game’s alpha version either through Mediafire or MEGA. In case you are not well-versed with the homebrew scene that enables such projects to come to life, you can refer to an elaborate guide or check out the Discord server of this project.

Because of homebrew, both Nintendo 3DS and 2DS users are getting the opportunity to play this version. To get detailed information on playing DS titles, you can go through this guide here. Apart from Nintendo DS owners, even those who have a PlayStation Vita are able to play this version, as witnessed a couple of months back.

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