PlayStation 4 Pro Console Suffers TV Incompatibility Issues – Champagne Remains on Ice

PS4 Pro Console Issues

Though the PS4 Pro console is release, the champagne is on ice as far as Sony is concerned, as it is not working properly due to some television compatibility issues.

No Celebration as Yet

After a long period of debating and waiting Sony has finally released the PS4 Pro Consoles and it is there in the stores for buying. However, the unfortunate part is that the company cannot celebrate as yet. There are many game forums, social media and the like that are full of users who have reported that the new PS4 Pros are not working properly.

PlayStation 4 Pro Console

Earlier Problems

There was already a problem earlier with the new consoles. It had been reported that the breakout box coming with the PSVR system does not offer support for HDR signals, both in case of the PS4 and PS4 Pro. However, now the latest problem is a different one.

Blank Screens

The new problem is that users of the new PS4 Pro find that the screen is blank and not showing the beautiful 4K HDR images, which, by the way, was the major selling point of the new consoles.

Issues Widespread

Many users of different television models, such as LG and Samsung as well as Sony and Philips and Vizio, among others, have reported the problem. It is also being reported with several types of AV receivers and sound bars. Some of the users have complained that they have been receiving the HDR pictures, but the PS4 Pro does not recognize the television’s incapability for handling the 4K in HDR. This has resulted in limiting it to signals of 2K HDR. This is the case even in televisions handling Ultra HD, Blue rays, in 4K HDR.

Compatibility Problems

The above mentioned compatibility problems, however, are not consisted in various samples of a television model. It seems that some of the LG OLED 65E6 work fine and are compatible with the console, whereas some other televisions are not compatible.

Official Response

The PS4 Pro has only been released recently and is available in stores from the 10th of November. However, in this short period, the issue has become so widespread that the company has issued an official statement in Sony EU PS Forum. KingGoble, who is the representative for online support of the console, has acknowledged that the issue does exist and has offered temporary solution. The problem can be fixed temporarily if the user switches the PS4 Pro console and moves it to the Safe mode as well as changes the setting of digital rights from HDCP 2.2 and makes it 1.4.

PS4 Pro Console Issues

Not Ideal Solution

However, the fix suggested is not ideal, as it does not work half the time. Sony has already acknowledged that when the user switches to the 1.4, he or she will not be able to derive enjoyment from the 4K and the HDR images, in case of certain applications and sources. The response in the forum also states that the issue has arisen on account of some limitations in the compatibility of certain television models, with the 4K and the HDR content. The PS forum response has also suggested that the users of the PS4 Pro should contact their television manufacturers to assist them regarding this limitation.

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