Why is Pokemon Go Becoming a Top Favorite Across the Globe?    

Pokemon Go Generation 2

Ever since its launch in July 2016, Pokemon Go is slowly finding its way into the hearts of people of all age groups around the world.

While updates are being made to the game periodically, there are some specific season based updates as well. One such recent update is the Halloween update, while another update is being planned in time for Christmas. Avid players have also been demanding for new Pokemon in their game. As a result, the next batch of Pokemon code known as the Generation 2 has found its way into the game’s current files. This was found by members of The Silph Road, an online gaming community of Go players.

Pokemon Go Generation 2

How Generation 2 is better than the old version

While the Generation 1 version had just about 145 Pokemon characters, the new Generation 2 has about a 100 additional characters. These characters are found in both Android and iOS versions of the game. One of the new entrants is the official Ditto Pokemon that can change itself into the type of Pokemon it is fighting with. This move is called the Transform move. Interestingly, Ditto was supposed to make his debut in Generation 1, but somehow this never happened.

Gamers can also try their luck in catching more pocket monsters to either turn them into candy or fighting a war.

Daily and Weekly Bonuses in Pokemon Go

One of the recent updates to Pokemon Go has made it possible for players to gain extra stardust and points for playing the game daily. As you progress with your hunt for pocket monsters, you will get normal points for some features of the game. Added to this, you will get extra rewards. To top it all, you will gain bonus rewards if you lay your hands on the game for a week. These daily bonuses can help you to reach higher levels faster than usual. You can earn your bonuses in two forms – stardust and XP.

Earning the bonus in Pokemon Go is very easy irrespective of the type. When you play daily, the first Pokemon that you catch for the day helps you in winning 600 stardust and 500 XP points. These get accumulated to the stardust and XP points you win in the course of the game. A week of continuous play without entitles you to a massive weekly bonus of 3000 stardust and 2,500 XP.

Apart from the above, you can also increase your stardust and XP counts with PokeStop and Photo Disc Spin. Here also, you are entitled to weekly bonuses. However, after a recent game update, the PokeStop appears to have glitches. If you face any, all you have to do is close it and reopen it followed by a spin. While you may not get a daily bonus notification, a 550 XP notification on the head of the avatar indicates that you have got it. For a daily spin of the Photo Disc, you earn 500 XP apart from the normal score. Weekly bonus comprises 2,500 XP and extra items.

For each of your daily achievements, you will be shown a gauge that is filled with a bubble each day when you spin a PokeStop or catch a Pokemon. Thus, at the end of a week, the gauge will have seven bubbles. After a week of everyday play, the bonuses get reset.

It is worth noting that you are eligible for the bonus at the same time every day. Thus, if you win your first bonus at 8 pm on the first day, you can try for your next day’s bonus only at 8 pm the following day.

Drawbacks of the Updated Pokemon Go Game   

While the new Pokemon Go game has many exciting features, players have expressed disappointment over some of the changes made. Like before, the prestige level of the opponent’s gym reduces when it is defeat. But, the catch here is that the amount of reduction is now much greater than what it originally was. Also, players have found that their earnings tend to be quite less when they train against gyms that are owned by their own teams. These changes can benefit less competitive players by motivating them to look out for more challenging and score offering gyms. However, for proficient players, it can mean that the gyms can be knocked down out faster to lower levels.

Pokemon Go gyms

In the previous versions, users sitting behind the wheel were prevented from playing the game if they were found to be over-speeding. In the present version, passengers will not be able to access PokeStops if they are at walking speed or driving below a certain speed limit. Unfortunately, the game developer Nintendo did not mentioned anything about this in the patch release notes.

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