Pokemon Go Craze Starts Falling Apart, Loses Over 10 Million In A Month

Pokemon Go

The inevitable has happened! Pokemon Go which was the most popular game for a couple of months is now losing its sheen as more players choose to play something else in their free time.

Nintendo in association with Niantic made use of their Pokemon property and created a mobile game. Pokemon Go was supposed to bring players out of their homes into the real world and it did. But, it is too simple of a mobile game with hardly any goals to achieve. All one could do is walk around, travel to distant places and catch rare creatures with the Poke ball.

Just a month ago, more than 45 million players were onboard. Pokemon Go received numerous requests from countries where the app was not launched. Those who had the game spent hours trying to find all the creatures and ended up in more trouble than expected. There are multiple cases of accidents and people falling into spots when they tried to catch a rare pokemon.

The real issue began with the developers Niantic who didn’t support the game as they should. There were server issues right from the start at every country where the game got launched. Niantic promised to fix it but with little consideration their loyal gamers. Most had to suffer bugs, performance issues and most of all, the near feature that showcased the distance one has to travel was flawed.

Pokemon Go Craze

Developers of Pokemon Go removed the feature and later restored it with someone similar. All the drama seems to have finally come to an end. Big players like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were rather surprised by the lack of users on their platform. Everyone was busy playing this new game in town.

Things have changed in the month of August. A recent survey confirmed that over 12 million users have left the game. Only 30 million of them are currently playing the game. While there are more countries that are yet to receive the title, the moment has passed and new gamers may think twice before trying to catch those pokemons. The hype train has passed for people in other regions and many of them already tried it by downloading the APK file from different sources.

Niantic is not about to give up so quickly. Pokemon Go version 1.5.0 for iOS and 0.35.0 for Android is about to get launched in a couple of days. They have made an official blog post detailing the new update.

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