Pokemon Go Expands its Horizons to 31 New Countries

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is growing at a slow and steady pace despite the hiccups it witnessed along the path.

Developers Niantic games announced that they will be rolling out the game globally in 31 new countries.

Ever since its launch, the game managed to create hype on a different level. It encouraged players to come out of their homes and walk in the open for the first time. The innovative idea grabbed the attention of many around the world but most of them didn’t have access to the title. Niantic was very slow with their progress because those who were in US, Canada, Germany among other countries were facing server issues.

Pokemon Go Expands to 31 New Countries

With millions of players onboard at the same time, Pokemon Go servers couldn’t handle the crowd and led to many technical issues. A formidable bunch of players left the app annoyed by the slow servers and lost progress. However, majority of them stayed leading the game to its success. Those who lived in other countries finally have the chance to play the game. The entire list has been posted online by Niantic.

Some of the notable regions include Kenya, Mauritius, Madagascar, Uganda, South Africa, Ghana, Sierra Leone among others. From the names, it is easy to deduce that out of the 31 new countries were Pokemon Go is available now, most of them are located in Africa. Just a week ago, the developers focused on the Middle East region and launched the game in Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Macedonia besides other countries.

The game has already broken all possible records in US, Europe and Japan. It was downloaded the most number of times on the Apple’s app store than any other new launch in their history. The title is yet to get launched in China and South Korea. With a huge population, Niantic is taking its own sweet time to find its way to China and the same applies for India as well.

Pokemon Go

A new buddy system has been rolled out for Pokemon Go and some minor tweaks are made to improve gameplay experience. According to a latest report, the game has over two million players online every day. It is a steep decrease compared to the $16 million players who played the game in the past. With new countries joining the list, the player base is expected to grow and help Niantic make more revenue out of it as days progress.

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