Pokemon Go Launched In Canada, Spoofed On Simpsons Already

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is the talk of the world and it is no wonder the television series Simpsons known for spoofing the latest trend has picked it up.

Simpsons is like the never ending series that has been part of life for almost everyone residing in the U.S. and around the globe. Some of them are extremely hilarious as they always deal with current trends. The new episode shows Bart busy trying to find creatures like the Drowzee. But, for copyright reasons or something similar, the creators of the show doesn’t explicitly claim that he is playing Pokemon Go.

In the video, you can see him browsing through his phone and completely unaware of the things going around him. Most Pokemon Go players have been doing this for almost a month now. This led to a lot of accidents, with two gamers falling off a ninety feet cliff. In another incident, people spotted a dead body where there was supposed to be a Pokemon.

Pokemon Go In Canada

The new show in which Bart, the lead character in Simpson play Pokemon Go is scheduled to go on air this weekend. When it does, we can be sure whether he plays the exact same game or something similar to it. However, in the official description, the team has mentioned that it is related to the game and it has already caught up with the world of Simpsons.

Pokemon Go has officially found its way to app stores in Canada. Usually, Canada is one of the first countries to receive such innovative games. But, for some reason Nintendo didn’t release it and focused in US, Europe instead. The game is already out in Australia, New Zealand, Germany among a list of other countries. The list is rapidly growing. Many players who couldn’t wait to jump into the Pokemon bandwagon has downloaded the title from third party app stores.

As soon as the game got launched in Canada, the servers went crashing down. A lot of players tried to login at once and enjoy catching their favorite creatures. It obviously had its effect on the game. A similar issue happened when the Chicago Pokemon Go meetup event was organized. As the servers were not functional, people were not able to play the game and access their inventory.

This is just the beginning as it will take months for the developers and Nintendo roll out the game around the globe. The server issues should be fixed at every phase as millions are waiting to play the game as soon as it gets launched.

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