Pokemon Go Launched In Germany, Forays Into Europe


Overloading the servers could be an easy task for Pokemon Go players who usually stay online throughout the day, searching for new pokemon creatures to capture and add to their collection.

Nintendo, when making its first step into the smartphone scenario was cautious enough to not launch the Pokemon Go app around the globe at once. Instead, they opted for a split release and rolled it out in one region after the another. A wise move, indeed! The company after launching the game in the United States, Australia and New Zealand is now entering the European market for the first time.

The numbers are really limited but Nintendo managed to taste phenomenal success with the game already. The shares have jumped to great heights within a span of one week even though the game is yet to be out in many regions. It is available only in three countries so far but now Germany has joined the list. Players living in the region will be able to download, play the game and start hunting for pokemons in the real streets. We just hope they don’t end finding a dead body or hurt themselves trying to pick creatures located in inaccessible real life locations.

Pokemon Go

Niantic, developers of Pokemon Go announced that the game is launched in Germany on their official Twitter handle. It is available for both iOS and Android platforms. While the game is fairly simple and very limited, it has encouraged people to finally go out and not just waste time sulking on their couch. The app forces everyone to go out because pokemons are found only in real life locations. You can’t pay to download them or purchase special packs.

Nintendo should be congratulated for this amazing idea in a time when technology has made people lazy to the core. The game is yet to be launched in Japan, their home market but when they do it will receive immense support from hardcore fans there. Once it rolls out in every part of the world, we really wonder how scenarios will be when they spot rare creatures on the road.

Will a bunch of people fight against each other trying to grab it? Probably, the developers of Pokemon Go will limit its appearance so as to not make multiple smartphones spot the same creature, in the same spot. A lot of scope exists for the game to grow big and we are eagerly looking forward to it.

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