Pokemon Go Plus Launched For $35, Makes Spotting Pokemons Easier

Pokemon Go Plus

Pokemon Go Plus is now officially available in stores and the device will set you back by $35, if you are serious about expanding your hunt for new pokemons on the go.

The device is not going to reach any retail stores at the moment and the company plans to sell them online with popular retailers like Amazon, Gamestop. It is a very tiny device and chances are high that you might miss them on the road if you aren’t careful enough. The benefits of using it along with your Pokemon Go app are plenty.

Pokemon Go Plus

When attached to your cloth or bag, the Pokemon Go Plus device will instantly send an alert to your smartphone when there is a Poke stop or a Pokemon creature nearby. The only step you have to do is take out your phone and catch it using the poke ball. But, there are some drawbacks that should be taken into account. Creatures that are already added to the Pokedex are the only ones supported by the device. They are ones that you could actually catch.

Another con is that there is no way for the device to identify a Pokemon on the go and catch. Whether you are walking or on a bicycle, you have to physically take your smartphone out to catch them all. It might sound too much to spend $35 for a device that simply sends an alert to you. The investment is purely based on how addicted you are to the game and to make things simple because a lot of times people pass these creatures on their way to work or college without noticing them.

This simple Pokemon Go Plus device will help reduce the number of miles spent walking and notify whenever there is a creature around to be caught. If this doesn’t sound like the most convenient way to expand your collection, probably it’s time to spend more and get the Apple Watch or one of the Android wear available in stores.
Pokemon Go Plus

The Apple Watch is the first wearable device to receive Pokemon Go with nearly all the features available on the smartphone. Later on, Niantic labs plans to bring the game to all other android wear devices but it might be another month or so before it lands on the Android platform.

Pokemon Go Plus device was supposed to be out much earlier in the month of July but it was delayed due to production issues and took so many weeks to be out.

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