Pokémon Go Updated to v0.31 – Check Out the New Features

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Pokémon Go has received its first major update since it was released a few weeks ago. Even though the update is not yet available via the Google Play Store, it shouldn’t take long before it finally gets there.

As it has become a trend, the update is not yet available on iOS, but again, it shouldn’t be long before it shows up in the iTunes App Store. The Android APK is already available for download and for those who can’t sit back and wait for the developers to avail the update via the Play Store, there is the option of sideloading this Pokémon Go APK onto your phone. Remember, this feature is disabled by default on all Android devices, but it can be enabled by ticking the box against the “Unknown sources” option located in your phone’s Security settings.

The new Pokémon Go update has a change log and apparently, it brings quite a number of fixes to this game. One of the major highlights of the update is the improvement it brings to the memory issues bugging the app. In addition, the update has also removed footprints for night Pokémon, but this has not removed the nearby Pokémon screen. This means you will not be able to see footprints of these creatures when close to you, something that could leave some players frustrated. Whether or not this handy feature will make a future comeback is still unknown.

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Other features of the new Pokémon Go update include the ability for players to re-customize avatars used in the Trainer profile screen. V0.31 also brings a modified battle damage calculation and tweaked the battle move damage values, but not for all Pokémon. As for the experience, you will enjoy an enhanced one, especially with the refined gym animations, details screen and achievement medal images of Pokémon and much more, including minor fixes.

As you can evidently see, there is quite a lot that Niantic Labs is adding to the new Pokémon Go v0.31. But for those who enjoyed seeing footprints of nearby Pokémon, you might want to stick with the current version, at least for now. More so, the update is not available via the Google Play Store yet, which means you will still be using the current version of Pokémon Go.

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