Pokemon Mod Pixelmon for Minecraft Discontinued, Developer Confirms

Pokemon Mod Pixelmon for Minecraft

Nintendo has a huge history of ferociously safeguarding their first party titles and intellectual property.

While Pokemon is actually from Niantic studios, it didn’t stop the developers from sending a notice to developers of Pixelmon.

Pixelmon is a mod created for Minecraft that allows players to experience those characters within the highly addictive universe. The mod was originally created by Mr Masochism who continued to support it ever since it got deployed. The developer was quite active in the forums and released new updates from time to time. Much to the dismay of his fans, the original creative head behind this mod announced on the Pixel forums that the mod has been removed. It has been completely deleted and will no longer work on Minecraft owing to the request made by the Pokemon Company.

Pokemon Mod Pixelmon minecraft

In his parting statement, Mr Masochism wrote, “We had a great time making this amazing mod. I am extremely sad now to have to make the announcement that Pixelmon is shutting down. But, the fond memories we have created through time will live on. The wonderful community supported its development all the way but Pokemon company wants us to shutdown and we should oblige. While it is sad to see it close, I should point the great memories we shared as a community playing Pixelmon in Minecraft, talking about Pokemon and every great things created using this mod.”

Ever since Pixelmon came into being in 2012, it has been a favorite mod among Minecraft gamers. The tiny monsters allowed players to have a ball while training their favorite pokemon creatures. Players could also breed new creatures, grow them up to fight wars and train them to become extremely powerful in the virtual world. The mod team worked together with the community as they kept releasing one generation after the other. In the last update, the team rolled out Generations Five and Six making it a Pokemon fans dream come true.

Pokemon Mod Pixelmon

The developer added that all the good things should eventually come to an end and Pixelmon is one great thing that served its purpose perfectly. “There are always more things to do and we worked hard to achieve whatever is possible within the limited time we had. I wish you all keep finding more such fun projects and support them. Investing your time and skills will help them grow to as our mod did,” he wrote.

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