Portrait Mode: Is it the Best Reason to Buy the Apple iPhone 7 Plus?

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus happens to be one of the greatest launches of 2016 especially with the multitude of problems faced by the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

The phone may larger seem similar in terms of exterior design, but this is one of those years when an iPhone should be judged by more than what is on the skin. The phone brings several new features to the party like the dual camera setup and the A10 Fusion chipset. Both these are combined to great effect on the new Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

The dual camera setup is primarily to work on improving the depth of field in pictures. DSLR cameras excel at this aspect and the many smartphones have tried implementing without huge success. However, there is a big change with the iPhone 7 Plus since the phone seems to achieve a greater degree of success when it comes to being a DLSR killer. At the launch of the iPhone 7 Plus, Apple did not show off this feature in flesh, but the first beta update has hit developers and it brings a new mode called portrait.

The developer release of iOS 10.1, which will soon be followed by a public beta, adds several features like layers of depth, identification of objects, and silhouette into its post processing capabilities. All these aspects are combined to form the perfect portrait mode seen in smartphone cameras until now. Combined with the A10 Fusion chipset, the iPhone 7 Plus has the ability to make post processing at a much quicker pace. This is the first time a quad core processor is making its appearance in the iPhone range.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode

Until now, smartphones have largely focused on offer a depth of field only in the macro mode. The iPhone 7 Plus, though, brings a proper portrait mode to the game. This alone is not a reason to buy the phone, which costs more than $700. However, Apple has made subtle changes throughout the device and it makes for an excellent reading as far as the overall product is concerned. The base memory has been a major hindrance in the iPhone range and it has now been bumped to 32 GB without any additional prices.

The standard Apple iPhone 7, though, misses out on the dual camera feature. Considering that it is only $100, there is no reason to omit the iPhone 7 Plus in favor of the iPhone 7 apart from the need of a smaller device.

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