Premium Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Variant May be Sold in more Markets, after all

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

A few days ago, news came out that Samsung will be releasing a high-end variant of the Galaxy S8 Plus that carries 6GB RAM and twice the storage available on the standard model.

In fact, Samsung has made this high-end Galaxy S8 Plus official by publishing details of the same on its official South Korean website. The tech giant also confirmed that the phone will soon be available in the country via official channels that include local carriers and retailers.

Before the 6GB RAM variant of Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus was made official, reports had claimed that the phone will only be sold in China. But now that it has been made official in South Korea as well, fresh reports are emerging claiming that the phone may be sold in more than these two markets after all.

Reports coming from a South Korean news outlet known as Yonhap News says that Samsung has apparently confirmed the selling of the premium Galaxy S8 Plus in other markets other than South Korea and China. However, the outlet adds that the availability of the 6GB/128GB model in different markets will be based on the demand of the variant in the two current markets.

Samsung Galaxy S8+

In short, if the $1000+ Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus attracts a huge customer base in both China and South Korea, the company could consider making it available in more markets as well. For one thing, the price of this S8 Plus model could be a deal breaker for some, but the prospects of having a Sammy flagship that is powered by an impressive 6GB RAM and has 128GB of expandable storage could also turn out to be the major selling point for the phone.

In South Korea, those who pre-order the high-end Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus will also be rewarded with a free Samsung DeX Station dock, which makes the deal even sweeter.

So, if the 6GB RAM and 128GB storage Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus made it to the U.S., would you be willing to shell out $1000+ to get your hands on the monster phone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.