PS4 Controllers With Wireless Adapter Could Allow Better PC Gaming

PS4 Controllers

Microsoft’s Xbox controllers are the de factor peripheral for every PC gamer to enjoy Assassin’s Creed or any sports/ racing games. For the other lot who finds it too big or uncomfortable to use, there is the compact PS4 controller.

The Windows maker has already launched a wireless adapter for their Xbox One controller. It makes it easier for gamers to enjoy a couch gaming experience when they wish to. However, Sony doesn’t have any such adapter until now. A new patent filing confirmed that they are going for a wireless adapter for the PS4 controller. The only possible outcome for this patent is to make wireless gaming easy for PC gamers who prefer the controller made by Sony.

In the patent filing, the wireless adapter is confirmed to use a five-volt power supply and is filed under the Bluetooth transceiver category. If announced, it will make it easy and you can officially plug n play using PS4 dualshock 4 controllers. The controllers are already compatible with Windows machines using third party software programs. While Windows does recognize it as a controller, it doesn’t work as smooth as the Xbox One does.

PS4 Controllers Wireless Adapter

Sony recently rolled out the Remote Play feature that allows gamers to play all their Playstation 4 games on the PC. In such scenarios, a wireless controller is essential to enjoy gaming without strain. The update is minimal yet it could make a whole lot of difference for gamers on different platforms and encourage them to participate in cross platform multiplayer matches.

In other news, the company is yet to make an official announcement of the PS4 Neo console. They skipped E3 2016 where Microsoft announced their Xbox Scorpio console. The next gen platform would support 4K gaming and has the potential to set a new benchmark for all consoles. According to rumors, the PS4 Neo is supposed to be a minor upgrade over the PS with capability to run 4K videos but not games.

Consoles this generation became outdated within a span of three years or even less. The low specifications played an integral role in making them extremely inferior when compared to PCs. Games hardly ran in 1080p resolution with higher frame rates as promised. It forced developers to adjust graphics which created new issues on other platforms. We are looking forward to a new generation where consoles are extremely powerful and the best platform to enjoy exclusive titles.

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