PS4 Golden Week Sale Discounts upto 70% on Anime Game Titles

PS4 Golden Week Sale

The time has come for PS4 gamers who just can’t get enough of anime inspired game titles and popular games based on Japanese culture.

The discounts go all the way up to 70% making it one of the biggest golden week sale that you can’t miss at any cost.

The sale is now live on the Playstation store and most titles are focused for the PS4 console. The Golden Week Sale is inspired by the Japan’s national holiday week and players who are already subscribed to the Playstation Plus Membership can get up to 80 percent off making it the most lucrative sale especially if you are a great fan of anime titles. The popular games on sale include Gravity Rush 2, Dragon Quest Builders in the Digimon World and there are even a couple of video titles to look forward to including the Last: Naruto the Movie and Cowboy Bebop.


Players who have already played a bunch of anime inspired titles know how the JRPGS and the RPG games work. The PS4 sale discounts Bladestorm Nightmare for just $23.99, Chambara for just $3.99 and Chronicles of Teddy Harmony of Exidus at $4.49. All the prices are applicable only for PS Plus members and those who don’t have an active membership should pay a higher price to own these Playstation 4 titles.

If you are a huge fan of fighting games, there is no better way to enjoy fighting with your friends than Dead or Alive 5 Last Round. The game is available for $15.99 and easily the best investment any gamer could make because unlike single player games, this one has great replay value and will never get boring at any point with so many fighters to pick from. Dragon Ball fans are in for a treat as Dragon Ball Xenoverse is now available for purchase for $11.99 and if you choose to buy it along with the season pass, the bundle costs $19.49. The Xenoverse 2 costs $35.99 while the Dragon Ball Xenoverse Super Bundle will set you back by $50.99.

PS4 Golden Week Sale

The list of PS4 titles available in the golden week sale is pretty huge. If you are looking forward to buy a couple of games, make sure to head to the Playstation store page or check out the discount list in here. There are some PS3 games available as well and obviously many Japan inspired titles on the PS Vita console. The huge collection of PS Vita, PSP games should be the best handheld gamers could get this summer.