PS4 Head Says Nintendo Switch Will Create its Own Audience


The Nintendo Switch console, the first of its kind which works as a home console and on the go has received positive accolades from every corner.

Not just gamers but even rival companies like Microsoft and Sony feel that Nintendo is heading in the right direction with their Switch console. The company’s gaming hardware had never been a threat to Playstation or Xbox machines throughout the decade old history. While these two catered to hardcore gamers with action packed exclusives, the Wii and Wii U is still the best pick for family gaming. If you are looking for unparalleled fun, there is no better title than Mario Kart 8 or Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo continues to follow the tradition and brings in innovation at a whole new level. Their hardware launches seldom focus on graphical power and the Switch is no different. Instead, it is all about mobility and allowing gamers to enjoy titles with an easy to detach controller.

Sharing his views about the new hybrid console, Playstation Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida said that it’s a very unique system that the team has come up with. “The type of inputs and buttons are well suited for conventional games. I think they have designed the system with these games in mind and it’s a great choice for core gamers. The marketing message is focused on it.”

Yoshida added that they don’t feel Nintendo as a competitor because the hardware they have created could make a new market of its own and build an audience. The statement is a hard fact because Nintendo Switch was never designed to play the Last of Us or the Forza Horizon games. It is not a home console but still allows players to hook it up to a television to enjoy some couch gaming.


Powered by Nvidia’sTegra processor, Nintendo has promised this time that they will bring multiple third party developers on board to offer more game choices. While the console will have Mario, Zelda and other exclusives as always, it will also have titles like Skyrim as confirmed by Bethesda. If some of the best indies on PCs and PS4 console could make its way to the Switch, it could be the numerouno portable console that a lot of gamers would love to own.

Official pricing of the Nintendo Switch will be announced in an event to be held in January and the hardware is to be available in stores by March 2017.

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