PS4 Upgraded Model to be Sold by Sony – Two Models to be Released Simultaneously

Playstation 4 Neo

Sony is about to introduce an updated version of its PlayStation 4, PS4 gaming console in September.

This will be a new model of the PS4 standard version and will be released along with the higher end version of the console.The updated model is being released along with the new version, so that the demand for the older version is maintained.

Consistency in Revenue

The company has been continuing to earn consistent revenue for its consoles, both from the subscriptions and its software download.  The two models are being released simultaneously and will attract the console’s hardcore fans as well as casual gamers of the video gaming platform. According to the Chief Executive of the company, Kazuo Hirai, the PS 4 business along with connected services have constituted the major engine of Sony’s growth.

News Conference

The company has stated that they will conduct a news conference on the 7th of September in the PS Theater of New York. A spokesman for the company said that the company proposes to discuss the PS 4 in the conference. The company had already stated in the month of June this year that they were planning to introduce the higher end version of the PS4. According to Sony, the new version would come with improved graphics abilities. However, Sony did not disclose any plans regarding the update to the standard version of the PS4.


A Strategic Shift

According to Damian Thong of Macquarie Securities, the new standard version will be slim compared to the earlier model. It will also be available at a lower cost when compared to the $350 of the present standard model. According to the analyst, the new standard version will mark a definite and strategic shift for the company, as it previously used to release only a single console at one time, sustaining the demand only with periodic cuts in the price.

PS 4’s Success

The PlayStation 4 is a favorite console among gamers, since its debut in the year 2013. More than about forty million devices have been sold all over the world since its release, according to the company. The record beats the sales of Xbox One by Microsoft, which is reported to have sold around twenty million devices since the debut in the same year, according to several analysts. According to Nintendo Co, thirteen million devices of the Wii U have been sold since the year 2012.

Adjusting the Inventory

Sony is also making adjustments to its inventory in view of the news conference in September. The production of the PS 4 is being controlled and reduced, according to news repots. Many of the important e commerce sites of Japan, along with the company’s own site, have stated that the PS 4 is not in stock.

Declining Sales

The sales of the PS 4 have been quite weak in Japan, when compared to the sales in the United States. Famitsu is a magazine that shows the data of videogames and the magazine showed that the sales of the PS 4 has been reducing in the past few weeks, at least in Japan. However, the company is limiting the production of the console, so the stocks will surely run out.

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