PS4 Version of Rise of The Tomb Raider Is GOTY And Includes Definitive Edition

Rise of The Tomb Raider

Microsoft managed to bag Rise of the Tomb Raider and delayed its launch on the PS4 platform by a whole year.

Sony is not going to give up easily as they have made it the Game of the Year edition with a free copy of Tomb Raider Definitive Edition.

The most unique addition for the PS4 version of Rise of the Tomb Raider is the new story that players could experience with VR support. You do need to have the Playstation VR hardware in order to enjoy the game’s immersive experience. It takes place inCroft manor where players have to complete a mission named ‘Blood Ties’.

The idea is to allow them to enjoy the world as how Lara Croft would see it in her own house. It is also said to unveil some of the twists related to her past and give players a new insight as to how she decided to choose treasure hunting as a fulltime career. It is filled with risks at every corner and menacing enemies but nothing stops Lara from taking on the most dangerous missions.

Rise of the tomb raider PS4

Some great offers have been bundled with the PS4 edition of Rise of the Tomb Raider. Anyone who pre-orders the game on the Playstation Network will receive a free copy of the previous Tomb Raider game. It includes all extra missions, skins and other map packs. However, the physical copy of the new title is much better if you love having real goodies to your collection.

The game bundle includes an art book that showcases how the developer came up with ideas to build the character and the levels. A zombie mode is now available in the Tomb Raider franchise. Named Lara’s Nightmare, you will end up fighting hordes of zombies one after the other similar to how it is done in the Call of Duty Black Ops or Resident Evil franchise.

Sony has been really open in their game description. They confirmed that the late release on the PS4 platform has prompted them to go for the 20th anniversary edition of Tomb Raider instead of the normal game.

“If Microsoft didn’t delay this so much, we don’t have a reason to celebrate the anniversary. We have to top this timed exclusive and make it unique for our gamers. So, here we go,” reads the statement on the Playstation Network. With multiple items in the bundle, it’s a good investment to make for any PS4 owner.

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