Quick Work around by Apple for Home Buttons of iPhone 7 – No More Home Buttons in the Future?

iPhone 7 Home Buttons No More in Future

If the new home button on the Apple iPhone 7 does not work, there is a quick fix or workaround implemented by the company.

Major Changes in iPhone 7

There were some major changes implemented by Apple in the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus released recently this year. The most important change was the elimination of the headphone jack from the phone. Another change was the changed home button. Previously, the phone had the physical button that could be pressed by the user. However, the latest flagship phone, the iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus, no longer have a physical button, but rather a non physical one that is sensitive to pressure. It appears on the device surface.

Home Buttons of iPhone 7

Quick Fix

According to a post in the MacRumors, iwayne, a user, has suggested that the new home button offers a quick workaround or fix in case it does not work. He has uploaded the picture of the lock screen of the phone and states that if the system detects that something is amiss, the phone displays a pop up that its home button needs service.

In case such a problem pops up, the home button is shown automatically on the screen and the owner can keep using the iPhone 7 till the button is repaired.

Onscreen Home Button

This feature is nothing new for iPhones, as you can activity it through the iOS Accessibility option. When you tap on the options, there are many functions offered as choices and you can drag it to any location on the screen.

Less Chance of Failure

Apple has made the decision of replacing its physical home buttons with non-physical ones, as there are no mechanical parts in case of the latter option. This means that the new iPhone non-physical buttons are less likely to fail, when compared to the physical home buttons of earlier iPhones. Moreover, as there is no physical button, the new phones are able to get the rating of IP67 waterproof features.

Pros and Cons

In case the non-physical button on the iPhone 7 fails, the onscreen button gets activated immediately. This presents another advantage of the non-physical button, as the user gets more confidence while using the new phone.

However, the downside is that in case of a non-physical home button, it is necessary to have skin contact with the phone for activating it. This means that the user will not be able to activate it while wearing gloves, which makes it very difficult in winter months.

Removal of Button

iPhone 7 Home Buttons No More in Future

This time around, Apple has only implemented the replacement of its physical home button with a non-physical one. However, it seems to announce the introduction of an even bigger change in the future of iPhones. It is most likely that Apple will probably eliminate the home button totally from its future flagship phones in the years to come.

Digital Version Home Button

As of now, those having a defective home button on their iPhone 7 or 7 Plus have no cause for worry. The minute the phone detects that something is wrong with the home button; it will display a digital version on the screen. The digital version works just like the physical ones and users will also get a prompt asking them to service their phones.

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