Razer Gaming Focused Smartphone is in the Works

Razer launch smartphone

Razer is a popular brand among PC gamers.

The popular PC Master Race love to bring the best components together to setup their dream PC and when they do so, they can hardly skip the range of supplies provided by this particular brand.

Despite intense competition in the market, Razer has managed to stay on top of the game with new releases from time to time. While their competitors intensely focused on gaming mice and keyboards, the brand took a leap forward by launching the slimmest laptop of their own. The Razer Blade has enjoyed immense success in the market. According to latest rumors, a gaming focused smartphone is in the making.

razer laptop

The idea doesn’t sound impossible for a company that is already in the gadget market with laptops and plenty of other accessories including controllers, headphones. The news comes from a reputed newspaper and the idea is to deliver an Android smartphone that would cater to the most hardcore of gamers.

A lot of smartphone manufacturers tried to make devices that looked like a PS Vita or a Nintendo 3DS handheld console. The companies tried to mimic the controller and the attached them to the phones but it never kicked off as the thing they wanted it to. Even Nokia tried with the most dedicated device named the N-Gage which was too early for its experimental idea to kick off as a gaming smartphone.

Razer gamepad mode

When Razer gets to do the job, they might easily provide the best solution that hardcore gamers would expect. The most important aspect of a gaming smartphone should be the controls. If they are open, easy to use and can withstand heavy usage on a daily basis, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Razer smartphone sold like hot cakes on launch. Besides, Android operating system has the best games like Modern Combat and Asphalt that pushes the graphical boundaries on smartphones to the core.

The decision to come up with a gaming smartphone seems to have been done at the right time. If Razer would partner with another company like Asus, Huawei to deliver an Android device that most people would love, they might open a whole new market for smartphone manufacturers. At the moment, they are all focusing only on camera and bigger battery but there is hardly any innovation in the industry which could be done with the help of this rumoured device. Motorola is trying the same with a gamepad mod for Moto Z to be released soon.

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