Real Images of Google Pixel and Chromecast Ultra Surface ahead of Debut

Google Pixel and Pixel XL

Google will be holding an event on October 4th, which is a week from now, during which Google Pixel phones are to be unveiled.

Alongside the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, the search engine giant is also expected to unveil a string of other hardware and software products, including a Google Chromecast Ultra and Daydream VR platform, just to name but a few.

Now, after months of rumors, we finally have real images of the Google Pixel and Chromecast Ultra thanks to notorious leaker Evan Blass. While these were supposed to show up next week, there is no need to wait until then so as to see what they look like.

From the pictures, the Google Pixel looks exactly like what the rumor mills have been saying. There will be a new Launcher on the new handset that features a Google Search bar that needs to slide out rather than the one that takes up the entire top screen. You won’t get a dedicated button for the app drawer as well, but this has created room for another app shortcut. To access the app drawer, you will have to swipe up from the home screen button. Speaking of the home button, it has also gone through design changes where a solid circle rests inside a larger one.

Google Pixel and Chromecast Ultra

While Blass’ leak only gives out details about the Google Pixel, the tech giant is also expected to launch another Google Pixel XL, a larger variant, which is also the flagship model. Where the Pixel comes with a 5-inch display screen, the Pixel XL will feature a 5.5-inch panel, but with a similar design. Apparently, the phones will be sold through Verizon, but there will still be room to get unlocked models as well.

As far as the Google Chromecast Ultra is concerned, you will notice some real similarities with the 2nd-gen Chromecast video streamer. However, the real changes are under the hood, where you get hardware that can stream up to 4K content, with the current one only managing 1080p. As a result of these changes, the Chromecast Ultra should attract a price of about twice the previous models, which is rumored to be $69. The priciest Chromecast to have ever existed was priced at $35.

Google Pixel and Chromecast Ultra

As for the pricing of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, you might be surprised with what Android Police has to say. Apparently, the smaller Pixel will be priced at $649, making it one of the priciest in the list of Google phones. But hey, this is a new lineup – the Google Pixel – and it has nothing to do with the Nexus.

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