Recall of Note 7 Not the Only Problem Galaxy Faces – Samsung Needs a Lot of Clean Up to Fix the Mess and Clean its Image

Note 7 Recall

The recall of the Note 7 might be one of the worst situations for Samsung, but it is surely not an unprecedented one.

Samsung has been forced earlier as well to recall some other products in some markets. Many customers have been dissatisfied about the way in which the company was handling the issues.

Note 7 Recall

Note 7 Recall – Not Unprecedented Event

The recall of the Note 7 received worldwide attention from the press and consumers as well as authorities. However, this is only because Samsung devices are sold in countries from all over the world. The blowing up of a Galaxy Note 7 has to be taken seriously, as users take their phones with them everywhere. For instance, a Note 7 device in an airplane could pose a major issue for all who are on board.

Recall of Other Devices

According to the New York Times, the company has recalled several other products in the past few years. This suggests that the giant company is only interested in profits and not in the security of consumers. In the year 2003, Samsung had to recall 184,000 of its microwave ovens from the United States. In the year 2007, there was fire risk related to 20,000 of its washing machines. Again, in the year 2009, 210,000 of its refrigerators were recalled from South Korea. And in the year 2009, 43,000 of its microwave ovens posed shock hazards and had to be recalled from the US.

Incomplete Recalls

The top loading type of washing machines supplied by the company between 2011 and 2016 may also have to be recalled, as they pose risks for property and could even cause personal injury. Such machines were recalled in Australia some three years back, due to some electrical defects leading to fires and the recalling process still remains uncompleted.

Product Recalls of Other Companies

However, in all fairness, it has to be stated that there are many other companies facing such recall situations. In addition, Samsung Mobile is in no way connected with the fridges or washing machines that were recalled, as it is a different division. However, there remains a question whether Samsung is going through proper testing of its products, so that they don’t pose any manufacturing problems to the user.

Australian Recall Issue

In case of the Australian recall, a group of 4000 users belonging to a Facebook group crowdsourced funds in order to get forensic experts to check into the problem and offer the verdict. According to the reports, plastic bags that were fitted to the connectors in order to prevent them from catching fire were not working effectively. The bags failed to prevent the penetration of moisture in the connectors. Also, the company did not issue any refund to the group of consumers for their failed washing machines, till the government intervened.

Galaxy Note 7 Fire

Unclear Communication

In case of the Note 7 recall, the company is not yet able to offer an explanation for the fires caused by the phone. It is also accused of not addressing the problem appropriately. According to an analyst of the Consumers Union Policy, William Wallace, Samsung has not communicated effectively with the regulators or the consumers as well as the media in a clear manner.

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