Recent Updates to Google Home Supports Additional Features : Reminder Controls and Other Goodies

Google Home Features

Recent updates to Google Home, which allows users to access Google Assistant, offer support for additional features.

Google launched Google Home, the smart speaking device was launched at last year’s I/O and this year’s event is coming up soon. Fans are expecting that some major updates may be announced at the upcoming Google I/O event to be held in Mountain View, in California.

Google Home

Reminder Controls

Developers have been viewing the APK files of this recent update to Google Home application and state that they have found a string that might bring in reminder controls as well as some other new features. Users on the Google Home platform have long awaited the feature of Reminder controls. The XDA developers feel that the new function can be accessed in a way similar to the other features on the Google Home app, namely, the Home Control, and functions like Shopping and Music, found in the app menu.

Reminder Controls is one of the most important features for a smart, home assistant, as it should have the capacity to remind the user of things. The feature has not been confirmed and it is not known whether users will be able to ask Google Home to set a reminder by voice. All the other features in the list, like Shopping, Music can be controlled through voice, so very soon users will be able to tell Google to remind them, for instance, to order Amazon’s Alexa in an hour.

Support for Third Party Devices

The latest update will bring Google Home app to version 2.3. It also brings in support for many other new features. After the launching of Google Assistant SKD, there will be support for other third party Google Assistant phones and devices. This means that Google Assistant will soon be available for third party home speakers as well, for instance, the Spot speaker by NVIDIA.

Supporting Cloud Casting

Another feature that will be a new one on Google Home after the latest update is support for cloud casting. Till now, cloud casting could be done with Google Chromecast, with the devices placed next to one another, or if the devices were on one network. The latest update for Google Home application will make casting of videos, photographs and music even from a further place, out of the local network. This will make the update very significant, but it is not sure whether this feature will actually be present on the update. It is also not known how this update can work in the present scenario.

Google Home Features

No Live Build

All the new features of the latest update to Google Home do not belong to the live build as of now, so they could be reconsidered or the company could effect some changes at any stage. This means that it is possible that the features may not even be present in the new update. If at all Google is planning to present these new features in the latest update for Google Home, the Google I/O event to be held this week will be the perfect place for an introduction or announcement.