Rejoice: Apple iPhone 7, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 Third-party Screen Repairs No Longer Void the Warranty

Apple iPhone 7

Current iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, and iPhone 6 owners will be happy to learn that the taking their phones’ screens to be repaired by a third-party technician will no longer void the warranty.

This is good news for iPhone users because prior to this, Apple rendered all devices that had gone through a third-party repair shop void. Keep in mind that this doesn’t apply to every repair, but it is specific to the display screen.

Cupertino has sent a memo to all of its Authorized Service Providers instructing them to proceed with the usual inspection of a device, but this time around, having a different screen other than what the phone shipped with will not prevent the certified Apple technicians from repairing your phone, assuming that this is not related to the display.

But be warned that if you take your iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S to an Apple repair shop and it is found that the third-party repair on the display screen is causing the repair to fail or is the result of fresh damage that happens to the iPhone when being repaired, it will be your duty to pay the out-of-warranty cost in order for this issue to be taken care of. Whether this is replacing the faulty third-party part with a new, certified Apple part or replacing the entire device as a whole. If the iPhone’s problem is associated with the third-party part, you will also be required to pay the out-of-warranty fee for the phone to be repaired, otherwise, you won’t be served by Apple.

Apple iPhone 7 Screen Repair

Maybe your iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S’ screen shuttered somewhere you can’t find an Apple shop. After replacing it with a third-party part, you can, later on, walk into an Apple shop and get the part replaced with a certified Apple screen. However, Cupertino instructs its employees to charge you the out-of-warranty fee in order to repair the phone.

This move sought of eases the pain for iPhone users who could no longer be served by Apple employees in the event that their devices’ screens had been replaced with a third-party part. This means that you can still get your iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, iPhone 5 or iPhone SE looked at by an Apple employee even if you have at some point taken it to a third-party repair shop.

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  1. It never voided the warranty; that’s against federal law. Consumers are allowed to modify their devices without fear of having their warranties voided. Look up the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. It protects consumers from rip-offs like being forced to buy Ford oil or Chevrolet tires (it was inspired by such auto-industry scams).

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