Renault, Nissan Forced to Stop Production Due to WannaCry Ransomware Attack

Renault Fluence

Virus attacks and ransomware problems are not reserved only for IT companies but the automobile industry as well.

The entire world is facing a massive threat by a new ransomware named WannaCry which has been causing chaos on so many level.

Ranging from hospitals, educational institutions to big brand companies, everything has been infected on a network level that has halted operations. The problem prevails among car manufacturers as the biggest brands Renault and Nissan had to halt production in specific factories due to this particular problem. It has been confirmed that they are not carrying out their daily routine in UK, France because the ransomware has been planted in their system and it is to stop it from further spreading into their other networks.

Renault Duster

The production at the Sandouville plant has ceased and Renault has confirmed that their technology experts will assess the extent of the attack before proceeding further. Nissan has done the same in their Sunderland plant located in the United Kingdom. “Proactive measures should keep the issue under control and it will also further stop the ransomware from spreading. We have put the industrial activities of a couple of sites under halt so that it doesn’t affect the rest of the plants located worldwide,” said the company’s spokesperson.

The WannaCry Ransomware is going on a massive scale with very little respite in sight. The particular virus has managed to hit companies located in over 100 countries which is colossal and technology giants are working round the clock to put it under leash. Renault and Nissan are obviously not the only automobile manufacturers to have been hit by the issue but other top brands may have had similar issues unless they took decisions earlier to shut down their computers to stop it from spreading.

A slight delay may occur in the production of Laguna, Escape, Leaf, Qashqai and other models that Renault and Nissan are supposed to deliver in a couple of months. But, it wouldn’t be much of a problem and curbing the ransomware at any early stage sounds like a more feasible option than letting it take over the entire network in the production plant.

Renault Fluence

Both companies have issued official statements that gave it the much needed light while others may soon follow suit. Such ransomware issues could be colossal if it happens with self-driving cars because people rely on them to travel. More stringent IT policies and security is required before autonomous vehicles become the norm.