Report: Apple CEO Hints at iPhone 8 AR Support, No Room for VR

Apple iPhone 8

The Apple iPhone 8 has been touted to come with probably everything you can ever want in a handheld device in the 21st century.

The lack of major changes on the new iPhone 7 is because the company is keeping the best for the 2017 iPhone 8, which will be used to launch the company’s 10th anniversary into the business. While a lot has been doing rounds with respect to the flagship, especially when it comes to changes expected on the design and display quality, new details are just emerging courtesy of the company’s CEO Tim Cook.

It is kind of a surprise for such high-profile information to come from such a similarly high-profile figure in the company, especially given Cupertino’s reputation with keeping secrets regarding its incoming developments.  However, Cook had no choice as he had to deal with the topic: augmented reality or simply AR.

Courtesy of an interview, Tim Cook made comments that will get iPhone 8 enthusiasts up on their feet. Don’t be in a hurry to jump up, though, as Cook did not specifically mention the 2017 iPhone in his talk, however, he was clear that Apple is not working on virtual reality or simply VR. This has been the latest craze in the Android world, with the likes of Samsung, HTC and Google already up there with products in the VR realm. However, Apple has been quiet on this front, but it seems this is about to come to an end.

iPhone 8

The Apple CEO acknowledges that AR is big and it will only get bigger than VR can ever manage. He also noted that coming in with this AR platform might take some time, but when it does, it will be big, making people wonder how they even lived without it, just like it is with smartphones in the current world.

Given that the Apple iPhone 8 is expected to be the most advanced smartphone Apple has ever released yet, it is possible that Apple could bring around this AR support as one of the big changes that will be happening to mark the anniversary. The moves that Apple has been making in the tech world in the recent past also suggest that indeed this AR technology is just around the corner.

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