Report: Apple iPhone 7 Trailing Competitors with its Poor Battery Life

apple iphone 7

The Apple iPhone 7 has been around for just a few weeks now and it is possible that many of you are already aware of its recent release.

Even though there is nothing really innovative about the new iPhone 7, the phone is still going to appeal to the Apple fan base, especially those who have been using older models such as the 2014 iPhone 6 or even the previous iPhone 5S. There is new hardware, a great camera, as well as reliable storage options that go up to 256GB.

Despite all the goodies, there seems to be one area where Apple hasn’t yet done enough to convince certain sections of smartphone consumers – the battery life. Apparently, the iPhone 7 has the worst battery life, especially when compared to several other flagships that sail in the same boat with the Cupertino flagship.

According to a UK study that included the likes of Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5 and HTC 10 alongside the iPhone 7, the latter fell behind in the tests that reportedly involved normal tasks. To be fair in every aspect, the tests ensured that all handsets are installed with the latest versions of operating systems available on either platform. Where the Apple iPhone 7 is powered by the latest iOS 10, the Android gadgets had Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow on board.

For starters, the phones were subjected to tests that involved normal calls. Where the iPhone 7 managed just 712 minutes, the Galaxy S7 had 1492 minutes of call time, with the best performance coming from the HTC 10 with its 1859 minutes. The LG G5 was the second best with a call-time of up to 1579 minutes.

When it came down to browsing over 3G network, the usage time grew smaller on all devices, but still, the iPhone 7 kept its position last. Once again the HTC 10 led the way with 790 minutes of 3G web browsing, followed by Samsung Galaxy S7 with 677 minutes while the LG G5 came in third with 640 minutes. Apple’s iPhone trailed with a usage time of just 615 minutes, which is still not bad at all.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Battery

So, why is the iPhone 7 lagging behind the rest of the group when it comes to battery life? The most plausible argument would be that the Apple phone has the least battery capacity when compared to its Android counterparts. There is a 1900mAh unit on the phone as compared to the 3000mAh units found on the HTC 10 and Galaxy S7 handsets. With this huge difference in battery capacity, it is easy to say that the iPhone 7 is still a solid performer, especially since the larger iPhone 7 Plus has a 2900mAh unit, which should be able to compete fairly with the other phones used in the tests.

How terrible is your iPhone 7 battery life? Please share your side of the story with us via the comments.

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