Report: Some Apple iPhone 7 Variants to Pack Intel Chipsets

Apple has reportedly begun the production of the iPhone 7 and according to a new report, Intel has received an order from the iPhone maker with respect to chipsets.

This will be a strange move for Apple, but it will be a welcome for Intel as it has really been struggling in the recent past with respect to the mobile department. Qualcomm leads the way when it comes to smartphone chipsets, with Apple usually sticking with the A-line of chipsets, with the newest member expected to be baptized A10.

In the report, however, it is believed that variants of the new iPhone 7 that will be based on carriers such as AT&T as well as those sold in some regions across the globe will be based on Intel chipsets. The company is looking to diversify its market, probably in a similar fashion as Samsung does with respect to Snapdragon and Exynos chipsets. As it seems, Qualcomm will still play a part in Apple’s smartphone chipsets for 2016, especially for iPhone 7 variants to be sold in China and U.S.’ Verizon network.

When Intel canceled its Atom smartphone chipsets that were codenamed Sofia and Broxton, many thought that this was the end of the American company’s pursuit of the mobile industry. After reportedly spending up to $10 billion just to establish itself in the market, including a high-profile hiring from Qualcomm, such moves were expected from Intel, but will this benefit Apple’s iPhone 7 sales?

iPhone 7

The flagship phone is expected to be released in September this year. There are rumors that nothing much will be changed when compared to the iPhone 6S, but this is mostly to do with the design. Still, there might be some slight changes as the company will reportedly drop the 3.5mm headphone jack as well as increase the size of the rear camera (with the iPhone 7 Plus receiving a dual-lens setup).

The real changes might take place under the hood, with an A10 SoC expected on board alongside a RAM of at least 2GB. Some reports have been adamant that Apple will squeeze a 32GB model in between the base model and the 64GB variant. The WWDC 2016 is expected to announce a new iOS 10, the OS that is expected to power this new iPhone 7 when it is released.

With most of these reports based on rumors and speculations, better take them with a pinch of salt. Keep following us as we will be bringing you the latest happenings from the upcoming WWDC 2016.

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