Report: LG G6 to Follow LG V20 in Ditching the Friends Modules of LG G5


A look at the LG G5 will immediately give you the impression that the phone is one of the coolest devices the company has ever come out with.

However, another quick look at the sales stats and you will be surprised at how poor the G5 has done in the market, especially when compared to counterparts from Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and other manufacturers. The South Korean tech giant introduced the LG G5 as the first modular phone featuring a set of modules known as LG Friends. Apparently, this modular design is all to blame for the failed LG G5, hence the company’s move to drop the idea when releasing the LG V20, the first phone to come preinstalled with the latest Android 7.0 Nougat.

The desire to do away with the LG Friends will not just end with the LG V20. According to incoming reports, the tech giant is looking at an LG G6 that doesn’t feature any of the modules available on the LG G5. In short, the G6 will come in with a normal design for a phone, something the company hopes will revive interest in its flagships.

To back up these claims, the report further posits that some LG G6 components, including audio chips and boards, are already being designed with this in mind. The G6 is also expected to make several changes when it comes to what you see on the LG G5, but this cannot be confirmed just yet.

LG G6 OLED Technology

So, what really made the LG G5 Friends to fail? If anything, LG had a poor entry strategy. Even though the innovation is great, the implementation was poor. Take, for instance, the 360 VR headset. It is pricey and also needs a wire to use it, something that makes it look outdated in a world where every smartphone accessory is going wireless. You also don’t get quality photos from the 360 Camera, in addition to the fact that it is also pricey.

Many loved the LG V10 and even though the V20 doesn’t come with massive design changes, coming in with something almost similar to this phone as far as the LG G6 could help save LG’s smartphone division. As for the LG G5, it is just another failed attempt by LG to win over a market that is already dominated by its local rival, Samsung, as well as Apple, among other major names.

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